Our own humane story – some time ago someone called and said I have an almost new, self propelled (large wheeled) Wheelchair to donate to you. When we collected it the donor said “I don’t want you to sell it on, would you please choose someone to give it to? Someone who you think deserves it ?” I promised we would try.

Today I had a call from a lady who’s elderly husband had cancer. His cancer had taken his mobility and she needed a wheelchair.

We invited her in and it took her poor very brave husband 10 mins to exit the car onto a waiting fleet wheelchair.
I spoke at length with him and he said, as he could no longer walk he wanted to buy a wheelchair and that it would probably be given back to us in a matter of weeks.

Seeing how he was suffering, I produced the donated chair and we transferred him to it. I asked him if life was tough for him right now he nodded and was obviously distressed, the tears welled up in his eyes (and mine).

I told him the chair he was sitting in was donated and he could have it for nothing. The man and his wife (who was obviously struggling ) both cried.

After a while he thanked me and the team. We helped him into his car, showed his wife how to disassemble the wheelchair and waved them off.

I am very proud of the work we do for those who need help and in the last 15 years I have found my life’s vocation right here.

The trustees of this charity have always had high expectations of the staff and fabulous team of volunteers here at ExeAccess today again they got just that.

Thank you to the person who donated the chair and that your wishes were granted.

Mike Ellis